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Good Reflections: How Your Brand Can Protect Its Image

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The rise of social media means that companies must maintain an extremely high level of positive public perception. This provides the resilience and ability to swiftly counteract any negativity should an unforeseen event occur. In these viral times, a small incident involving product quality, data breaches or employee behaviour can quickly escalate into an image crisis.

In the past, Japanese products were associated with poor quality. With strong marketing and a concerted effort by the government to change perceptions, Japan became a world leader in cars and electronics. Today, 'brand Japan' enjoys a high level of trust in the marketplace even when some merchandise is found to be faulty. This was achieved by encouraging foreign newspapers and magazines to write reports about the Japanese propensity for hard work and innovation. Japanese companies also became corporate sponsors of numerous activities, from car racing to educational scholarships, to further enhance their image on the world stage.

It is possible to adapt the lessons of 'brand Japan' to your company by using two interconnected strategies. Firstly, you need to generate positive stories which dominate your search engine rankings. Secondly, you can assist this process by undertaking a corporate sponsorship.

Attention to the Search Engine

No doubt, you have worked to ensure that your brand is highly placed in search engines. By continually promoting uplifting stories, negative reports will not be able to penetrate the top listings. You can achieve this by:

  • Publishing blog posts on your website that highlight positive aspects of your brand and industry
  • Using your social media pages to emphasise the benefits of your brand and its optimistic outlook
  • Contributing articles to high-profile, industry-related ezines that contain upbeat facts and anecdotes about your brand

By endorsing particular activities and actively engaging with the community, you can generate even more positive stories.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

A carefully selected corporate sponsorship will allow you to promote the partnership through mainstream media, your blog, and social media posts. An emphasis on the community-mindedness of your brand will contribute to a favourable public perception. Often, a corporate sponsorship is designed to gain new leads from your target market; however, in this case, you are aiming to associate your brand with positive actions and emotions.

Your choice of corporate donation opportunities can allow your brand to show empathy and a desire to be a force for good in the community. Any corporate sponsorship with an emphasis on community education and development is a good option when seeking to elevate your brand's image.  

Shine All the Time

A well-crafted plan can ensure that your brand's reputation and image is impervious to damage. The key is to promote your media and online presence in a favourable light. Strategic corporate sponsorships can facilitate this process. This will allow you to meet any unexpected threats to your company's reputation head on and shine all the time.